Built On A Passion For Trees

Working With Nature

Combining the ancient concept of using firewood to heat water and our forestry expertise, we have created a range of beautiful, eco hot tubs suitable for Scotland's more remote locations.

Our Eco Spas

No Plumbing or Electrics

No unsightly cables or waste pipes to be seen. Our Eco Spas use heat convection to warm up the water, so just stock up the stove with dry wood and it will keep your spa nice and cosy for you for hours to come.

No Chemicals

There is much we can say about the special properties of this type of wood: It is strong, durable and rot-resistant and has natural anti-bacterial properties which makes it ideal for our eco hot tubs.

No Running Costs

No electricity bills for these spas, so no need to worry about sky-high rates. There are no maintenance costs with our spas, just feed it with wood whenever you want to relax.

Enhance your health and protect the environment

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Humans have an inherent connection with the natural world and, for optimal health, we have a need to be surrounded by it. Wood improves air quality by moderating humidity and releasing phytoncides, this, in turn, helps relieve congested airways. Soaking in our wooden spas allows you to relax muscles and reduce pain in the joints. Larch is a strong, durable, rot-resistant wood which has a superior ability to neutralise bacteria making it it ideal for use in our hot tubs. Studies show that regular use of natural wooden spas has led to a reduction in the use of analgesics and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Timber and its use in architecture are proven to bolster mental wellbeing in addition to being good for the environment. In particular, aromatherapists hold larch in high regard for its relaxing and revitalising properties. Using a hot tub draws you closer to nature physically as well as mentally reducing the symptoms of stress and tiredness such as muscle tension, headaches and fatigue. There is no better way to stimulate the natural release of endorphins in the body than to have a soak in a wood-fired spa, letting the worries of the day drift away and absorbing the revitalising benefits for your body and mind.

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We grow our saplings from tiny seeds in pots to slightly bigger saplings when they are ready to be transplanted into the ground. Our beautiful spas are generally made from Larch. We grow trees at Fasque Estate as well which will help reduce the mileage of the spas as less material will be transported around. Less movement means fewer carbon emissions and this really helps with our ethos and our aim to become carbon negative by 2025. Trees are so important to the world and the ecosystem; we need to protect and look after it to ensure there is a clean and safe world for generations to come.

Beautiful and relaxing

Natural Eco Spas are stunning examples of Scottish craftsmanship. The wood is carefully selected for its unique grain. The spa allows you to truly unwind from the thoughts and struggles of life.

Nick Canning

1.8 Eco Spa

More room to relax and enjoy nature

Spa package from £4100

1.8 Eco Spa

Oval Eco Spa

A cosy & intimate spa experience

Spa package from £3500

Oval Eco Spa

1.6 Eco Spa

Our original larch tubs lovingly made by hand

Spa package from £4500

1.6 Eco Spa

Sustainable is the best way to operate

We have been given a wonderful resource in timber to create architectural structures and products that bring us closer to nature. Natural Eco Spas Ltd is a business built on a passion for trees.

The concept of using firewood to heat water has been around for centuries. This combined with our involvement in forestry inspired us to build a range of hot tubs at our nursery suitable for the remote locations that we have in Northern Scotland.

It is our aim to re-connect people to the land, the trees and the earth. Trees are so important to the world and the ecosystem; we need to protect and look after it to ensure there is a clean and safe world for generations to come.

How they are made

Our process

The wood for our hot tubs all comes from native Scottish trees, mainly Larch, and is cut in our own sawmill at Fasque Estate in Fettercairn.

It is then dressed and planed in our workshop in Forres by our Spa Maker, Mark, who lovingly shapes and create the spas by hand.

Choose from one of our standard designs or speak to us about a bespoke spa to meet your exact requirements.

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