More room to relax

1.8 Eco Spa

Our 1.8 Eco Spas are lined with fibreglass making them easier to keep and clean. The liner also means that you can empty the tub when not in use.

These spas are ideal for bigger parties or simply for those wishing to have more room to relax and enjoy nature.

Spa package from £4100

1.8 Eco Spa

Just for two

Oval Eco Spa

Our two person oval spas are ideal for those who want a cosy and intimate spa experience.

​The oval spa is also fibreglass lined to ensure your comfort and relaxation is at peak levels. The lid incorporates a stirring oar and the spa has a drinks shelf for those glasses of bubbly.

Spa package from £3500

Oval Eco Spa

All wood tubs

1.6 Eco Spa

Our original 1.6 larch tubs are lovingly made by hand.

The 1.6 spa includes a wooden lid which incorporates a stirring oar. The 28kW stove can heat the water in the spa from cold to a lovely cosy bathing temperature in 3 hours.

Spa package from £4500

1.6 Eco Spa

Beautiful and relaxing

Natural Eco Spas are stunning examples of Scottish craftsmanship. The wood is carefully selected for its unique grain. The spa allows you to truly unwind from the thoughts and struggles of life.

Nick Canning