Relaxing and revitalising properties

Health Benefits

Humans have an inherent connection with the natural world and for good health we have a need to be surrounded by it.

Larch is a strong, durable, rot-resistant wood which has a superior ability to neutralise bacteria. This makes it ideal for our hot tubs.

Furthermore, aromatherapists hold larch in high regard for its relaxing and revitalising properties. When heated by water it releases phytoncides which clear congested airways.

Timber and its use in architecture is proven to bolster mental wellbeing in addition to being good for the environment. The use of the hot tubs also physically as well as mentally draws you closer to nature.

High density wood

Quality you can rely on

Larch is a high density wood. There are many buildings still standing that were built from larch more than one thousand years ago.

Venice stands on piles of larch because concrete can't withstand the destructive force of sea water!

We only use the best part of the timber - heartwood. All timber is taken from locally sourced larch stands and is FSC®-certified, so you can be assured the timber is responsibly produced.

build on a passion for trees

natural, its in the name

Our timber hot tubs have several advantages over typical Jacuzzi or spa tubs:

No plumbing or electrical connections are required. Simply fill with water and light its wood burning stove. The 28kW stove takes around 4 hours to reach a bathing temperature of 38-42°C.

There is a handy stirring oar built into the design of the lid; for moving the water around a few times to aid the heating process.

When you've finished using your hot tub, open the drain plug or attach a hose to the handy fitting to water your garden.

This encapsulates our business’s eco-ethics. No waste, no fuss and helping your environment thrive.

Great Return On Investment

The Natural Eco Spa fibreglass lined timber hot tub has had a big impact on our holiday let in St Andrews. We estimate it increased our bookings by over 30%, so a great return on investment.

The hot tub and wood burner are easy to maintain and heat up quickly. An excellent all-round package and we will be installing in further properties in 2021.

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